20 December 2009

December In Marbella, Spain

The kiddos and I had a great time together down in Marbella, with pools, playgrounds, beaches and children activities we could not have enough fun. However, we sure did miss Joe who was in Madrid studying away and taking finals. He finished the semester completing 15 credits and now has 7 more classes left to graduate. We spent 12 days apart and are so glad that he was able to get all A's in his classes while we were away playing in Marbella.

Miss Ada's new haircut

Papa Tom and Kim Come to Madrid

We had a great time when Papa Tom and Kim came in for a few days. We got to show them around Madrid a little and really enjoyed seeing them! Thanks for coming!

04 November 2009


Lemme say it again, THE KEMP FAMILY RULES. We just received our first care package from the states. Ada got a beautiful pink sweater, and Ethan got Spiderman underwear. Chrissy got Bert's Bees chapstick and Joe got Del Taco Mild sauce (amazing). And last but not least, we all got the Good Seasons Italian seasoning for our favorite pasta primavera dish. Thanks Becky, Jack, Nick, Mitch, and Jake!

14 October 2009

Our Day in Toledo, Spain

Just outside of Madrid, about 30 minutes by train there is a city that dates back to 200 BC (bronze age) called Toledo. It became well known as a place where Moslems, Jews, and Christians lived peacefully for many years. The streets are like a labrynth, and all laid in stone and rocks. El Greco, the famous painter from the 1500's spent much of his life here painting. Funny, Ada and Ethan could care less about any of that. They were far more interested in the playground. Nevertheless, we had a great time there.

20 September 2009

On to Spain !!!

These are a few photos of our neighborhood. We just happened to find an apartment that is centrally located to all of the major museums and parks.